Hemp & Bioavailability 101

Botanicals such have hemp and cannabis have the potential to radically improve human wellbeing across a vareity of dimensions. However, like all botanicals (and most supplements and pharmaceutical molecules), hemp and cannabis are hydrophoic, that is, poorly soluble in water. This leads to two primary problems

   1) Poor absorption in the human system (low bioavailability) - which inhibits both safety and efficacy

   2) Limited product application possibilities

The human body is mostly composed of water and the human bloodstream which carries nutrients throughout the body is over 90% water by weight. Therefore, the better a nutrient is solubilized in water, the more effectively it can be used and absorbed in the human system.  Oneness OS enables the 100% solubilization of hemp or cannabis in water, radically enhancing bioavailability and unlocking new dimensions of product applications such as beverages and water-based creams. 

Scientific Foundation of Oneness OS

Energy and vibration is the basis of all forms in the universe. Einstein’s E = mc^2 means everything we experience is energy vibrating in different manifestations. On this planet, water and carbon are the fundamental physical ingredients for all life, including plants and human beings. By aligning these elements of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon in a certain geometry and by applying certain dimensions of energy and vibration to the system, a powerful key can be created that unlocks deeper connections between plants and humans. That master key is called Oneness OS, a phase-shift delivery platform unlocks the full potential of botanicals by radically improving solubility and bioavailability. 

Oneness OS uniquely combines cutting edge elements of chemistry, pharmaceutical formulation science, and geometric vibration technology to create a new dimension of technology that transforms the quality and capability of hemp and cannabis products. 

Oneness OS:

Phase-Shift Technology

Oneness OS is a new dimension of botanical and pharmaceutical delivery technology known as a phase-shift delivery system. A phase-shift delivery platform distinguishes itself from all other drug delivery systems by its:

  1.  Quality - the final product 100% soluble in water, crystal clear in solution, extremely shelf-stable (2+ years), and the particles are uniformly distributed throughout the solution

  2. Adaptability - the technology is adaptable enough the solubilize the hundreds of unique compounds found in full-spectrum botanicals

  3. Ease of Implementation - the technology is effortless integrate into manufacturing processes and is highly scalable

Oneness OS is the only technology in the world that qualifies across all of the metrics as a phase-shift technology. The platform dynamically interfaces with the various types of molecules found in full-spectrum botanical extracts. This is most vital when working with a complex plant such as cannabis that has over 400 unique compounds all with varying molecular structures, densities, surface chemistries, solubility capacities, and other properties. Whether the components are in a solid phase, oil phase, or liquid phase, Oneness OS can simultaneously shift them into an integrated, uniform, and highly shelf-stable water soluble solution, hence, phase-shift technology.

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