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Phase-Shift Hemp Delivery Technology

Water Soluble CBD Created with Oneness OS
Leading Water Soluble CBD
CBD Oil in Water

100% Soluble

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Only ~30% Soluble

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Only 9% Soluble

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Effortless Tech Implementation

Oneness OS enables you to create ultra-high bioavailability, water soluble CBD & cannabis solutions in a process fits seamlessly into your existing operations. Because Oneness OS is a phase-shift liquid technology platform, all you have to do is mix Oneness OS with your CBD/Cannabis crude oil (or distillate) to create beautiful, water soluble solutions. This simple workflow also means Oneness OS will seamlessly scale with the needs of your business.

Older technologies such as solvent dispersions, liposomes, molecular modifications, and traditional emulsions are expensive, not easily scalable, and generally create milky looking low-quality solutions that have poor shelf stability and mediocre solubility as measured in drug dissolution studies. Investing in Oneness OS phase-shift technology ensures your products are at the cutting edge of cannabis and therapeutic technology, distinguishing yourself from the competition by delivering a world-class experience to customers.

Create World Class Full-Spectrum Products

Because the playing field of similar cannabis & CBD brands is growing more crowded by the month, investing in technology is the only sustainable path for your company to stand out. Oneness is the technology you've been waiting for. Oneness OS is a phase-shift medicinal delivery system that enables the production of CBD & cannabis solutions which are:

  • 100% soluble in water (1,000%+ solubility improvement over oil, 300%+ improvement over traditional water soluble approaches)

  • 2+ year shelf stable

  • Crystal clear when added beverages

  • Highly-bioavailable, enhanced permeation through the gut membrane

  • Highly permeable through the skin (for topicals)

  • Oneness OS contains only FDA GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredients

Uniquely, Oneness OS solubilizes full-spectrum hemp or marijuana crude using only FDA GRAS certified ingredients and without the need for you to purchase expensive additional equipment. It is "plug and play" technology perfect for fast growing companies that must keep operations nimble and easily scalable

Cutting Edge Cannabis Science

FDA Pharmaceutical-Grade Drug Release Study
Solubilization in Water

The human body is mostly composed of water and the human bloodstream, which carriers nutrients and medicines throughout the body, is over 90% water by weight. Therefore, the better an ingredient is solublized in water, the better absorbed it is in the human system. Poorly water soluble ingredients like CBD or cannabis have extremely low bioavailability and, hence, require higher dosing which can lead to side effects for consumers and increase productions costs for produces. 


CBD solubilized with Oneness OS shows a 1,000%+ increase in solubilization in water as compared to CBD dispersed in oil. CBD solubilized with Oneness OS also shows a 300%+  increase in solubilization compared to the existing market leading water soluble CBD. 


Additionally, CBD solubilized with Oneness OS shows a rapid onset of action as 100% of the CBD is solubilized after just 5 minutes, whereas after 30 minutes, only 32% of the leading market competitor was solubilized.


Additionally, Oneness’s CBD is solubilized directly from organic full-spectrum hemp extract, whereas the competitor solubilized CBD from hemp oil distillate which filters out much of the original organic plant matter.

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