Mission: To Health Planet Earth

Oneness is a biotechnology company developing whole-plant based pharmaceuticals and ultra-high bioavailablility delivery platforms for the next global generation of medicines and therapuetics that will transform human health into a radically new dimension of wellbeing, vibrance, and strength never before seen on Planet Earth.

Founder's Story: Dr. Neha Chavan

Dr. Neha Chavan, founder and CEO of Oneness Technologies, is a serial inventor and visionary entrepreneur. She has developed and filed patents on numerous drug delivery systems, including working on the cannabinoids THC and CBD in the pharmaceutical industry. After a series of transformative spiritual expereinces with native american Shamans and Indian yogic masters, she became disenchanted with the single-molecule approach to wellbeing championed by big pharma. Dr. Chavan experienced firsthand the transformative power of the ancient plant-based medicine traditions and realized  attempting to solve health issues with single molecules is an immensely immature approach to drug development. The human mechanism is the most sophisticated organism in the known Universe, and we share millions of years with coevolutionary experience with the plants on this planet. The Natural Intelligence (NI) expressed through the genious of Nature holds all of the keys we need to our health and wellness, it just needs the right technology platform and scientific underpining to unleash it to the world at scale. Oneness Technologies was created to do just this. To synthesize the very cutting edge of pharmacetuical technology with the transcendent power of whole-plant medicine to manifest to new dimension of health and wellbeing for humanity on planet Earth.



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