The Most Advanced Technologies are Indistinguishable from Nature

Oneness integrates patented technology platforms, yogic knowledge of plant-medicines, and an explosive commercialization approach to ignite a new paradigm of medicine, wellness, and harmony on planet Earth.



Phase-Shift Medicine Technology

Oneness OS is the world's first phase-shift medicine delivery system. Oneness OS is a patented plant-derived liquid technology platform that simultaneously interfaces with and "phase-shifts" each compound in full-spectrum oil-based plant extracts and makes them 100% soluble in water. This technology has transformative applications in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and cannabis industries by enabling full-spectrum medicines to be delivered in their most bioavailable and efficient form.

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Phase-Shift Medicine Available Over the Counter

In summer of 2022, Oneness is launching Oneness-branded direct to consumer hemp-derived products legal in all 50 states and employing the Oneness OS phase-shift technology. Oneness brand includes lemonades, water-enhancers, tinctures, topicals, and shots. 

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#1 Selling Cannabis Beverage

In 2020, Oneness and Levia codeveloped a series of cannabis beverage products using Oneness OS, and, in 2021, Levia launched its seltzer and tincture lines in the Massachusetts recreational cannabis market. Levia quickly emerged as not only the best selling beverage in MA, but the fastest selling cannabis beverage in the United States despite only being sold in one state. Levia was soon acquired by the multi-state operator AYR Wellness in a deal worth up to $60M, and Oneness is continuing to support Levia's product line expansion and national growth trajectory with AYR.


Technology Incubation Program

Oneness is a member of the Technology Incubation Program (TIP) located at the University of Connecticut Health Center, a highly competitive incubation program for elite emerging biotechnology and pharmaceutical startups. Over the past 4 years, TIP companies have raise over $1B in cumulative venture funding in addition to several successful IPOs. Oneness has multiple laboratories from which it conducts its technology and pharmaceutical research in addition to several research collaborations with internationally recognized professors.

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Who We Are

Oneness is a biopharmaceutical company developing plant-derived therapeutics for FDA approval, offering its patented Oneness OS phase-shift delivery technology to leading health products brands, and offering its own Oneness branded products over the counter. Oneness is a group of experienced entrepreneurs and scientists from Big Pharma, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley who believe a new dimension of healing medicine is required for humanity to evolve successfully into a peaceful and healthful world.

The vision of Oneness is to empower every human being with access to effective plant-based medicine. 

Oneness synthesizes cutting edge pharmaceutical-grade technology with the knowledge of various medicine traditions - Eastern, Western, and indigenous - to create a new dimension of wellbeing solutions backed by eternal wisdom and calibrated for the 21st century.​



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